Everyday clothing items may be the cause for back pain

Excellence is torment, as the truism goes — an agony in the back, to be more particular. As indicated by another investigation by the British Chiropractic […]

Ban on excessively skinny models

Kicking the maxim that models can never be too thin or excessively lovely, France has put into impact a law that keeps demonstrating organizations from procuring […]

Ugly bridesmaid dress?

Have you at any point been subjected to wearing a frightful bridesmaid dress for a wedding? Assuming this is the case, you have our sensitivities. Be […]

Fired from Louis Vuitton show after being told to ‘starve’ herself

Since Hoyer’s post, the throwing executive from Louis Vuitton’s Cruise appear, Ashley Brokaw, has reacted, telling Business of Fashion, “Sincerely I surmise that it’s a considerable […]