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Stylish Fall Eyeglasses That Will Make You Want to Leave Your Contacts at Home

People who wear eyeglasses everyday, know the importance of having a chic pair (or two or three!) of frames that will go perfectly with anything. While you may want glasses that are practical, we’re sure you also want a pair that’s stylish and lets your personality shine through.

Glasses, much like watches, are one of the few accessories that are actually functional. And in case of eyeglasses, it’s even more important as it assists with vision. But enough of the technicalities, let’s talk about why we’re here: fashionable glasses!

The new crop of frames for the fall are not only cool but will cater to specific personal style. We’ve rounded them all up: cat-eye, round frames, metal frames, acetate, prints, and solids.  If you’re looking for it, we have you covered.

For those who may not be adventurous enough to go bold, try going for either your favorite color or a new shape and not both together.  This way, you get to spice up your frames without having to compromise practicality.

Check out the awesome frames below for some eyewear inspiration.